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                FCPX插件:磨皮潤膚ω 美容插件 Digital Anarchy Beauty Box 4.1.0

                分類: FCPX 插件-特效插件 / 發布於2017-2-13
                2801 人氣 / 1 評論

                FCPX插件:磨皮潤膚不可活艾道尘子啊道尘子美容插件 Digital Anarchy Beauty Box 4.1.0


                Digital Anarchy 比較出眾的一款磨皮潤膚美容插件 Beauty Box ,



                插件支持軟件青衣沉声开口道版本:(Mac 蘋果系統)

                Final Cut Pro X 10.1 – 10.3


                Beauty Box Video skin retouching plugin acts as digital makeup in post-production by incorporating state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms. It takes the edge off of skin and makeup problems that can be visible with HD and 4K video. Realistically and quickly applying digital makeup that makes your talent look great, without making them look airbrushed or blurry. Making for happy talent and producers.

                Beauty Box automatically identifies the skin tones and removes imperfections, like digital makeup, while leaving important facial details sharp. Video editors and artists no longer have to manually create masks or retouch frame by frame. It’s used for features, commercials, and music videos by such companies as Park Road Post Production, NBC, and Universal Music. Beauty Box is a powerful tool for any production that requires people to look their best.



                【插件下載】 內附註冊碼和安裝說明

                城通網盤下載 ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 百度雲網盤▓下載




                AE/PR磨皮降噪↘插件 Digital Anarchy Beauty Box v4.0.10(Win)

                磨皮№降噪插件 Digital Anarchy Beauty Box v3.0.5(MAC/WIN)

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                • 能安裝也能註冊。但,重新ξ打開了,發現不能打開〓裏面設置界面,也不報錯。不爆炸声彻响而起知道為什麽?